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Carbon Voice

Talk without the scheduling.

Reimagining the way we use voice to communicate. A better way to talk and share – be more human, get more clarity, & get more done.

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The phone call,

The phone call, reimagined.

Get the power of voice, the flexibility of doing it on your own time, and the richness and convenience of conversation histories, supporting materials, and the ability to add anyone to any Conversation.

Why Carbon Voice?

Ditch interruptive phone calls and long text chains. Drive more human connection. Clarify and share more meaningfully.

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Stay connected no matter where life takes you.

Connect, chat, and share ideas effortlessly on-the-go with our mobile-first platform. We're here to keep you connected no matter where you are, even if you’re not in front of a computer or constantly checking your phone – whether you're walking your dog, waiting to pick up your kids, or juggling a million things at work.

Powerful collaboration tools.

Designed to help you get things done. With AI-powered meeting summaries, structured conversations, quick message access, search functionality, and more, we make working together seamless - even when you're apart.

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Attachments & Links

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Sharing & Download

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Structured Conversations

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Our solutions

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Start an Async Meeting

Replace meetings and calls. 
Talk to people without the scheduling.

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Send a Voice Message

Record and send a message. Add people or share a joinable link to start a Conversation.

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Get a Personalized Link

Share a simple link, QR code or phone

number to let people reach you. 

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Chat with your Team

Reimagine how your team talks and

works together. 

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We're not just another chat solution.

A Conversation platform for asynchronous Voice Discussions with your busy, on-the-go teams, customers, and partners, followers and more.

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Start a conversation with anyone, no app needed

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Easy ways to listen 
the way you want to with catch-up Playlists and Favorites

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Structured Conversations with Discussion Threads

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Offline sending

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Interactive Transcripts & Discussion Summaries

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Links & Attachments

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Have Conversations in
real-time, or catch-up later

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Search & message history

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We can't wait for you to try it.

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Start the Conversation today.

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