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About us

We believe in a more human, connected, and collaborative world.

We are reimagining the ways we use voice to communicate

to create a better way to talk and share. 

Join us in bringing our Voices back to Conversations.

An asynchronous Conversation platform

Our team is busy building Carbon Voice - your escape from time-consuming meetings and calls. 

Teams and busy people are using Carbon Voice

to eliminate scheduling hassles, get answers faster,

have more conversations in less time,

and keep their calendars free.

Want more control over your schedule and fewer meetings?

Let's get you started!

Our Distributed Team

Over the past 25 years, we've been immersed in and passionate about voice, communications, platforms, and distributed experiences.

We are small but mighty. Distributed, but together.

Currently in 7 countries, 11 cities and growing!

Frederico Almeida

Backend Developer

Travis Bogard

Founder & CEO

Lily Chen

Product Growth

Russell  Clarvoe

Backend Developer

Damian Chmiel

Product Designer

Ben Le Cun


Justin Lewis

Head of Engineering

James Cardona Orozco

Esteban Salvatierra


Thomas Viana

Flutter Developer


With additional contributors from: 

Backed by forward looking partners, with decades of experience in audio, speech, communication apps, open platforms, and SaaS, who believe in the power of bringing voice back into our conversations.


Our Early Believers

Is it hard for you to...?

Juggle meetings & missed phone calls?

For C-Suite execs, outside sales teams, small and growing businesses, on-the-go people and teams and more; start an async meeting today

Stay accessible & personal?

For outbound sales, customer support, recruiters, VCs, client service professionals, influencers & podcasters and more. Send a voice memo to stay personal

Stay connected with your team?

For small and growing businesses, distributed and hybrid teams looking for an async meeting and voice chat solution

We are building for busy, on-the-go
people & teams

Sign-up to join our awesome team building Carbon Voice!

Join the team!

With Angels from: 

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