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Happy New Year from the Carbon Voice Team!

As we bring Carbon Voice into 2024, we're excited to continue on our journey to redefine how teams communicate and collaborate globally.

Last year marked a significant milestone for us, as more teams began adopting Carbon Voice to enhance their on-the-go communication. We're excited that it has already been a game-changer for busy executives, sales leaders, and global teams, helping them overcome the challenges of staying connected while on the move across time zones.

And, we’re several steps closer to reimagining the phone call – by freeing you from scheduled meetings and calls and making it effortless to send and catch up on voice and text messages, we’re thrilled to see how Carbon Voice has enabled more inclusive, flexible and efficient conversations on your terms, especially when you’re busy and on-the-go. 

As we look forward to 2024 and with your ongoing support and feedback, we're committed to making Carbon Voice even better – expect more awesome features, integrations, and continued focus on making your communication as mobile and productive as you are.

To all the executives, startup founders, and dynamic teams out there - we're here to support your growth and success in 2024. Here's to a year of strong connections, clear communication, and groundbreaking achievements!

Let’s make 2024 the year of effective and effortless communication! 🐉 🚀

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